Strataca: Website

The Need

Strataca, a B2C company offering awe-inspiring adventures to Hutchinson’s underground salt museum, came to Plot in 2020 after dissatisfaction with a previous marketing provider. In collaborating with Strataca to better understand their business needs and goals, our shared objective became clear: we would strive to increase ticket sales through an optimized digital presence.


Two weeks after signing with Plot, COVID hit, and doors were closed. A time of uncertainty for our world proved an opportunity for our team to brainstorm breakthrough solutions for our customers. We set out to ensure Strataca’s increased revenue through alternative means, and as quarantine placed ticket sales on hold indefinitely, our creative minds worked together to provide answers—like hosting a virtual 5k and optimizing opportunities for different streams of income.


As doors began to reopen, we set back on the course of increasing ticket sales by working collaboratively with Strataca to transition from manual booking to booking primarily through their website. An overhaul of their previous website improved user experience and fueled this success by significantly decreasing the average session duration.

SEO and paid search strategies helped to increase online sales in different regions, and as a clear need demands a clear solution, for Strataca, our answer was this: maximized conversions. Through a consistent marketing strategy and cohesive branding, our dedicated team of marketing professionals set out to deliver more results. In doing so, we optimized the usage of Google Ad campaigns.

Our campaign kicked off in May of 2021. By March of 2022, Strataca was generating revenue at 20x the return on ad spending. This means that for every $1.00 spent, they made $20.00. Their total online revenue generated was up by 209.9% from the previous year. A celebration was in order!

Ultimately, Plot’s primary goal remained the same throughout every step of the process: to help a local business thrive by delivering on the requests at hand. With gratitude for our trusting customers, we continue to build on this momentum, and we won’t stop anytime soon.

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